Veterinary Dentistry For Technicians Weekend Extravaganza Atlanta October 2021 - Veterinary Online Courses

Veterinary Dental Technician CE Course Weekend
Extravaganza and Lab Atlanta October 2021

Atlanta, Georgia

Saturday & Sunday – October 9th-10th, 2021

The Course Will Be Held at
Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Perimeter Center

Total of 15 Hours RACE CE

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This RACE accredited dentistry course trains the
technician to be the among the best in vet dentistry.

Are You Frustrated with Retakes on Dental Radiographs?

Is the Doctor Always Hurrying You to Finish Your Dental Procedures?

Is Charting Taking Way Too Long?

Not Confident with Anesthesia?

Confused as to the correct sequence to chart, take rads, clean….?

***Is Your Veterinarian Interested in Learning Canine Dentistry and Exceptional Extraction Techniques the Same Weekend in the Same Location as the Technician Extravaganza?!!***

Veterinary Dentistry CE Course and Dental Extraction Wetlab

Day 1

1. The Role of the Technician in the Dentistry Service: Admit to Discharge

This will be a discussion of defining the role of the technician in order to be an effective member of the dentistry team. Workflow, client communication for client compliance, and skill set specific to dentistry will be outlined in this lecture.

Day 2

5. Pain Management: Start to Finish

This lecture will be an in depth discussion of the physiology of pain including the pain pathway, to better understand how to effectively manage pain. Several classes of agents and dosing will be discussed and protocols that are applied in everyday practice will be covered.

2. Dental Radiology: What Lies Beneath

This will be an in depth discussion of the importance of dental radiology within the dentistry service. Positioning and troubleshooting to achieve a diagnostic image will also be covered. This lecture will also include radiographic evaluation and common pathologies.

6. Common Oral Pathologies

A wide range of oral pathologies with be outlined in this lecture through the use of radiology and images taken during “real-life” cases in the dentistry practice. Information for identification and proposed treatment plans will also be discussed.

3. Advanced Periodontal Therapies and Hand Instrumentation

This lecture will discuss the physiologic process of periodontal disease and treatment therapies that can be implemented in the general practice dentistry service. The identification and proper use of hand instrumentation during periodontal therapy procedures will be outlined. Effective client communication for improved client compliance will also be discussed.

7. Dentistry: Making It Work in the General Practice

This session will include a discussion on creating a streamlined and efficient dental service. Overcoming hurdles, improving workflow, and establishing long term implementation of effective practices to achieve a high standard of care for the dental patient will be covered

4. Regional Nerve Blocks

Regional nerve block administration in the canine and feline patient including agents, dosing technique, benefits, and application within the dental service will be covered. Specific anatomy to identify landmarks for safe and effective delivery of regional analgesia will be discussed.

8. Home Care Strategies

Specific modalities of home care will be covered. A variety of products will be covered to include effective plaque preventatives. Client communication techniques to gain client compliance will be outlined.

Course Times = 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Saturday and Sunday

As a portion of the course each attendee with learn with a doctor live during actual oral surgical procedures during the Canine Extraction Wetlab which will be held concurrently in another section of the hotel. If your doctor is attending you will be paired with them. If you don’t have a doctor attending we have plenty to go around so each person will get this invaluable learning experience.

Lead Instructor:

Annie Mills, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)
Phone: Annie @ 941-276-9141

Co Instructor:

Dr. Brett Beckman
Board Certified Veterinary Dentist
Board Certified Pain Management

Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Although we have never needed to do this,
If for any reason this course does not provide the value that
you expect within 30 days, let us know and we will refund
your entire registration fee.

***Is Your Veterinarian Interested in Learning Canine Dentistry and Exceptional Extraction Techniques the Same Weekend in the Same Location as the Technician Extravaganza?!!***




“I was really surprised how “hands-on” this experience was, all the information was easy to understand. We got to spend alot of time working in the lab . I loved everything about this. It was worth every second.”
Stefy Corona
Animal Samaritans
Indio, CA
“Provided a lot of great information in both lecture and wet lab! Hands on training on giving nerve blocks, sharpening technique with instruments and training for improving radiographic techniques on dogs and cats.”
Christal L. Swank
Animal Medical Center of Somerset
Somerset, PA
“After this class I am more confident in my skill set and more excited to do x-rays.”

“The amount of hands on experience was more than I expected. I’m excited to implement some changes to not only benefit our practice but our patient care.”
Ashley Skelton
Waleska Animal Hospital
Waleska, GA

“If you’re very passionate about dental care and want to increase your patient care, this lab is a must. It will help you become a better tech for dentistry.”

“I loved being able to find better techniques for radiographs to help with efficiency. Learning regional blocks was something I loved because now I’m hoping as techs in our clinic, we can apply this and help with our doctors’ efficiency.”

Kayla Simpson
Ankeny Animal and Avian Clinic
Ankeny, IA