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Veterinary Dentistry for Technicians Virtual Extravaganza 2021

Annie Mills, LVT, VTS (Dentistry)

August 22, 2021


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Are You Frustrated with Retakes on Dental Radiographs?

Is the Doctor Always Hurrying You to Finish Your Dental Procedures?

Confused as to the correct sequence to chart, take rads, clean….?

Solve those problems and many, many more with Annie Mills, LVT, Dental Technician Specialist (VTS). This all encompassing course will provide the knowledge and technical skills to rank you in the top technicians anywhere in the field of veterinary dentistry and transform your current service into a highly efficient, organinzed dentistry machine.

Lecture and Virtual Wet Lab Schedule

The Wet Lab portion of this course will be Virtual and can be
in your practice, in your home, or your location of choice.

Morning Session
9am – 12pm

1. Dental Radiology: What Lies Beneath with hands on positioning

This will be an in depth discussion of the importance of dental radiology within the dentistry service. This lecture will also include radiographic evaluation and common pathologies. Positioning and troubleshooting to achieve a diagnostic image will be part of the virtual lab with hands on sensor placement and help in correcting non diagnostic views.

Afternoon Session
12:30pm – 3:30pm

3. Advanced Periodontal Therapies and Hand Instrumentation

This lecture will discuss the physiologic process of periodontal disease and treatment therapies that can be implemented in the general practice dentistry service. Effective client communication for improved client compliance will also be discussed. Root planing techniques and proper use and sharpening of hand instruments will be covered as part of the virtual lab.

2. Dentistry: Making It Work in the General Practice

This session will include a discussion on creating a streamlined and efficient dental service. Overcoming hurdles, improving workflow, and establishing long term implementation of effective practices to achieve a high standard of care for the dental patient will be covered

4. Regional Nerve Blocks

Regional nerve block administration in the canine and feline patient including agents, dosing technique, benefits, and application within the dental service will be covered. Specific anatomy to identify landmarks for safe and effective delivery of regional analgesia will be discussed. Correct techniques and placement of regional block will be part of the virtual lab with help in delivering regional blocks safely and effectively.

Course Times = 9am – 12pm / 12pm – 12:30pm / 12:30pm – 3:30pm Sunday