Veterinary Dental Extraction Course Weekend Dog & Cat Wetlab Philadelphia May 2021 - Veterinary Online Courses

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Veterinary Dental Extraction
Course Weekend Dog & Cat Wetlab

Veterinary Dental Extraction Course Weekend
Dog & Cat Wet Lab Philadelphia May 2021

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Saturday & Sunday – May 15th-16th, 2021

Course Location

Total of 16 Hours RACE CE

The veterinary Dental Extraction CE Dog & Cat Wet Lab May 2021 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This RACE course Includes immediate, lifetime access to the lab videos. These are step by step tutorials of the surgical extraction procedures that you will be performing in the dentistry extraction Wet Lab.

Please review the technique videos prior to the wet lab.

Are Dog and Cat Surgical Extractions Taking Too Long?

Get first hand access to Dr. Beckman’s specific techniques and begin performing surgical extractions more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

Minimize root fractures and be confident removing root tips if they do happen.

Master previously frustrating extractions with the new skills you develop in this Veterinary Dental Extraction Lab

Be one of only a few to attend and become one of the most confident and highly skilled DVM’s performing surgical extractions in general practice today.

Veterinary Dental Extraction Wet Lab

If you have surgical loupes and lighting please bring those with you to the lab. This course provides 16 hours of RACE accredited CE.

Surgical extractions are by far the majority of the time spent in dentistry cases in dogs and cats. This widely acclaimed course provides you with the opportunity to perform surgical extractions and surgical root tip retrieval from Dr. Brett Beckman, board certified veterinary dentist and world renowned teacher and speaker.

Upon registration you will get Immediate Lifetime Access to “Essential Surgical Extraction Techniques in the Dog & the Cat” These step by step video tutorials of the surgical extraction procedures you will be performing in the Veterinary Dental Extraction Lab. Reviewing these videos prior to the course gives you more time for extractions in the lab. As one of the 16 participants you will have your own high speed system, instruments and canine/feline cadaver specimens.

Brett Beckman, DVM

Course Begins at 8:30 am & Ends at 4:30 pm

Saturday: Canine Surgical Extractions

Sunday: Feline Surgical Extractions

Please be at the venue no later than 8:15am
as we will start promptly at 8:30

Jodi Reed, DVM
Veterinary Dental Practitioner
Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Although we have never needed to do this,
If for any reason this course does not provide the value that
you expect within 30 days, let us know and we will refund
your entire registration fee.

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“The Veterinary Dental Extraction Lab was great especially the individual attention and help. I feel much more comfortable with extractions.”

“I am putting everything I learned in to practice now and already find things going more smoothly.”
Kathy Strupp, DVM
Oak Grove Animal Hospital
Oak Grove, MN

“Thank you all, I wish my whole Veterinary team could have come!”
Michelle Bousquet, DVM
Animal Samaritans
Palm Desert, Ca

“Dr. Brett and Dr. Jodi’s Surgical Extraction Wet Lab is essential for proficiency in veterinary dental extractions. I came in because of several good recommendations and had very high expectations. My expectations were far exceeded.”

“The non-judgemental environment and safe space throughout the entire course. I never felt intimidated by my ability or knowledge level and everyone was very kind. This allowed me to truly ask any questions without hesitation and increased my learning an understanding.”
Kadi White, DVM
Guildford Animal Hospital
Surrey, BC, Canada

“Dr. Beckman’s wet lab course should be a requirement for any GP looking to get more proficient in dental surgery.”
Sarah Laabs, DVM
Chief of Staff,
Banfield Pet Hospital
Ann Arbor MI