Veterinary Dentistry for Technicians Weekend Extravaganza 2021 - Veterinary Online Courses

Veterinary Dentistry for Technicians Weekend Extravaganza 2021

Veterinary Dentistry for Technicians Weekend Extravaganza 2021

2 Fantastic Days of Veterinary Technician Course to Transform you into a Highly Efficient, Organinzed Dentistry Machine.

Annie Mills, LVT, VTS

Brett Beckman, DVM, FAVD, DAVDC, DAAPM

Are You Frustrated with Retakes on Dental Radiographs?

Is the Doctor Always Hurrying You to Finish Your Dental Procedures?

Is Charting Taking Way Too Long?

Not Confident with Anesthesia?

Confused as to the correct sequence to chart, take rads, clean….?

Solve those problems and many, many more with Annie Mills, LVT, Dental Technician Specialist (VTS) and Dr. Brett Beckman board certified veterinary dentist. This all encompassing course will provide the knowledge and technical skills to rank you in the top technicians anywhere in the field of veterinary dentistry and transform your current service into a highly efficient, organinzed dentistry machine.

15 Hours RACE CE



“I used to dread when dental rads were needed. This helped me build my confidence and I’m ready to crush dental rads now. The instructor made us all feel very comfortable and offered a safe learning environment.”
Sara Wenger
Ankeny Animal and Avian Clinic
Ankeny, IA

“Hi Annie, I wanted to thank you again for the great weekend. We have been using the nerve blocks you taught me and they work amazingly well. Many of our patients want to eat when they wake up! ”
Randi Young
Windrush Veterinary services
Brant Ontario Canada

“The course is an amazing opportunity to learn both in lecture and lab, hands on is extremely helpful. I feel I have grown a great deal in the last 2 days. Annie is extremely knowledgeable, super nice and a wonderful teacher.”
Heather Leer
Animal Medical Center of Somerset County
Somerset, PA

“I learned so much from Dr. Beckman’s lectures and radiology lab. I brought the knowledge and skills back to my clinic including many tips and tricks on using the proper angles for getting quality radiographs. Now I am proud that we provide some of the highest quality dental care in our area.”
Beth Schneider, LVT
Southgate Veterinary Hospital
Fargo, North Dakota