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Case Quiz #7 for Elite 1%

Gero February 18, 2020

Veterinary Dentistry Case Quiz #7

Question:  An 18-month old male mixed breed dog presented with generalized tooth discoloration.  The enamel was smooth with no defects or loss of enamel.  What is a cause for generalized tooth discoloration without enamel defects?


Answer:  Oral ingestion of agents known to cause tooth discoloration.  Agents include tetracycline class of antibiotics and fluoride.


CBC, chemistry profile and urinalysis are within normal limits. What is your next step?


Answer: Full Mouth Dental Radiography

Question:  Changes seen in these radiographs are representative of all of this patient’s teeth.  What is the best recommendation for this patient?


Answer:  Full mouth extraction.  Although root canal therapy is a consideration the morbidity of full mouth endodontics and financial impact of multiple procedures with post procedure monitoring for life, is not in the patient’s best interest.


A lesion is present in the alveolar mucosa (mucogingival junction) buccal to the right mandibular first molar (tooth 409).  This represents soft tissue involvement (sinus tract) secondary to the periapical lucency seen in the previous radiograph.

The defect in the body of the mandible (cortical bone fenestration) associated with the soft tissue defect is visible adjacent to the distal root.