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Custom Social Media Posts

Allow my team to produce custom social media posts with your clinic branding to help promote dentistry in your clinic. Show your clients exactly why dental radiographs are crucial in diagnosing periodontal disease, tooth resorption, and other dental conditions in cats and dogs.


Example #1

Example #2

We will provide an example with your branding on an image before we complete 8 custom posts with delivery in 6-8 weeks.

Please be aware, FB is very strict on what is used for ads. I don’t want you to get your FB account shut down so these will be for social posting only.


Online Veterinary CE in Dentistry

Although we have never needed to do this,
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“Approximately 60 percent of the tooth is located subgingivally. The radiographs allow you to “see” below the gum line. Full-mouth radiographs should be exposed and examined on every professional oral hygiene visit.”(1)

“Studies have found that in those cases without clinical findings, radiographs showed clinically important pathology in 27.8% of dogs and 41.7% of cats.1 These are lesions that cannot be seen or probed on an anesthetized examination. In animals with identifiable pathology on examination, radiographs showed other undetected pathology in approximately 50% of cases.”(2)


1&2. Verstraete FJ, Kass PH, Terpak CH. Diagnostic value of full-mouth radiography in dogs. Am J Vet Res 1998;59(6):686-691.